Knee Story

Total knee replacement – sharing my experience

8 Weeks After the TKR Surgery

Today I had my follow-up visit at the hospital with my orthopedic surgeon. It went very well! Here’s a summary:

  • I can now drive.
  • I can walk unassisted or maybe with a cane if necessary, but I don’t need the walker any more!
  • I can go back to work at the office.
  • My extension is 0 degrees.
  • My flexion is 100 degrees.
  • I can have the next operation in May if I want; otherwise I should come back to the hospital clinic for another follow-up at that time.

Regarding other issues, here’s where I’m at this week:

  • I take the liquid Optalgin only when I have more than dull pain, and this is about every 2 or 3 days.
  • I take 2 Dexamol (paracetamol/acetaminophen 500 mg each) once a day or so, sometimes twice.
  • I generally can sleep comfortably¬†through the night; i.e., for about 6-7 hours.
  • I usually need to lie down once during the day to get the weight off my legs. This can be for half an hour, an hour, or more.
  • I try to get out every day for a walk around the neighborhood, 2 blocks out and 2 blocks back.

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